Frequently Asked Questions

What does Faith Based Education mean?
Faith based education means learning how to LIVE the teachings of our Catholic faith by incorporating Christian beliefs and morals into everything we do. Our core values of Faith, Academics and Service are integrated into our learning community with high expectations. Most importantly, Assumption stresses the importance of becoming stronger in the Catholic faith and living out our beliefs. Daily prayer and religion classes, regular liturgies and Eucharistic Adoration, retreats, and service projects are all incorporated into our students' experiences. We strive to help our students live by Gospel values, display strong moral character, and positively contribute to their school and community.

How does the instructional time at Assumption Catholic School compare to a public school setting?
The instructional time at Assumption is comparable to the public school as we adopt the same Common Core Standards. Our middle school students follow the elementary start and end time to assist families that have students in both programs.

Why should I pay for private school when I am already paying for public school with my tax dollars?
A private school is a worthwhile investment in your child’s future. We are able to provide more individualized instruction which in turn leads to consistently higher test scores. Catholic schools allow children to live a Christ-centered life, instill a lifelong commitment to serving others and equip students with the tools they need to fulfill their future roles as good citizens, productive employees, and compassionate leaders.

How are the needs of special education students met?
We have a good working relationship with the Durand Public School District. Students with special needs are serviced as funds provide. We also have a special education teacher on staff that helps differentiate instructions as needed.

How large are the class sizes?
The goal of Assumption is to keep the class size small so that the individual needs of each student are met. The average class size is 15. We also provide team teaching activities so that students are provided social and academic opportunities with a variety of students.

Is the transition from Assumption School to Durand High school difficult?
We hear from alumni and teachers at the high school that students from Assumption School do very well at the high school. Assumption alumni are often the school academic leaders, involved with athletics, music, homecoming, etc. The confidence and skills they gain at Assumption last a lifetime!

Are the teachers licensed?
Definitely! All of the teachers have at minimum a bachelor’s degree and many hold master’s degrees and all classroom teachers have a valid Wisconsin teaching license. Our teachers must meet the same requirements as established by the state of Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. In addition, they must also meet the additional requirements of the Diocese of LaCrosse.

What extra-curricular activities are available?
Assumption proudly offers a volleyball program for girls (grades 6-8) and a wonderful basketball program for boys (grades 4-8) and girls (grades 4-8). Other middle school sports are available in cooperation with at the public school Our middle school students are also encouraged to participate in band and choir and nearly all of our middle school students participate in our top notch Forensics program.