Pastoral Council

Pastoral Council consists of elected and appointed members.  Representatives from each parish as well as all of the sub-committees are on the council.  Pastoral Council is consultative body to the pastor for dealing with all components of the parishes.  Members are:

Holy Rosary

Darrin Bauer

Dan Traun

Kris Unser

Sacred Heart

Wanda Evans

Rose Sabelko

St. Mary's

Mike Baier

Linda Elsner

Chris Weisenbeck

Committee Representatives

Linda Schaub, Director of Religious Education,

Mary Lansing, Principal - Education Committee

Jean Gardner - Parish Nurse

Brenda Bauer - Family Life/Social Justice Committee

Jane Fedie - Holy Rosary PCCW

Sara Hansen, Shari Bauer - Sacred Heart PCCW

Pam Baier, Theresa Brantner - St. Mary's PCCW

Patty Bauer - St. Vincent de Paul