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Challenges and Joy

Bishop Callahan talks at length about Pope Francis’ call to help the homeless and other challenges during Advent.  Airdate:11/25/17

Pre-Thanksgiving Show.

This show features Bishop Callahan and “The Great American Feast” 1983 broadcast.  Air Date : 11/18/2017

Veterans and Chaplains

A special show for Veteran’s Day produced with the help of the Catholic News Service ( and the Archdiocese For The Military Services (  Airdate 11/11/17

What Happens in Vegas…

Yes, I think we’ve all seen the commercials about the advantages of vacations in Las Vegas—peace, quiet, and privacy. No one of us expects the horror of evil to be a part of our fun or our participation in an event such as a Country Music Festival. Once again, however, we confront the problem of […]

Queen of the Most Holy Rosary, pray for us!

Dear brothers and sisters, I am so happy that we maintain a strong spiritual bond with our brothers and sisters at Casa Hogar in Peru. Not only is there the strong financial support we provide through the Fr. Joseph Walijewski Legacy Guild, but also there is our strong union through the Rosary promotion that is […]

Statement Regarding DACA Decision

Dear Brothers and Sisters– The recent decision by the Administration to rescind the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, has created quite a stir among many people. This is a difficult moment in our beloved, yet morally and socially confused and conflicted country. Nevertheless, we offer support to all those who are legitimately affected […]

Easter Greetings

Christians, to the Paschal Victim   Offer your thankful praises!   A Lamb the sheep redeems; Christ, who only is sinless,   Reconciles sinners to the Father.  Death and life have contended   in that combat stupendous:  The Prince of Life, who died, reigns immortal. Hi everybody, Bishop Callahan here to proclaim that Jesus Christ […]


Every year, at the beginning of Catholic Schools’ Week, the annual Brains and Brawn event is held in La Crosse. It’s a fun event for kids representing our wonderful Catholic schools from all over our beloved Diocese. The event features a basketball tournament and a knowledge competition. The students “strut their stuff” in some really […]


In 1968 I graduated from high school and planned my continuing studies in advancement to the priesthood of Jesus Christ. In that same year, His Holiness Pope Paul VI issued a landmark encyclical titled Humanae Vitae (Human Life). The world, without exaggeration, went crazy in its complete disregard, disobedience and disrespect for every last comma […]

Christmas Greeting

Let us all rejoice in the Lord, for our Savior has been born in the world. Today true peace has come down to us from heaven. Hi Everybody! Bishop Callahan here to wish you a Merry Christmas! Christmas is that special time of year when we go “outside ourselves” and attempt to do for others […]